Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To date

Right, Im going to start a fresh today so here a brief update on everything that Joe has had since we started.

Weetabix - Small amount of milk dribbled on the biscuit to make it slightly soft but not too soft that it falls apart.
Raisin Wheats
- Again, with a small amout of milk to soften them.
Porridge - Ok, he seems to HATE porridge but I keep trying!
Hot Cross Buns
- I cant explain in words just how much TP loves these, which is great because I do too!
Raisin & Cinnamon Bagels - Another firm favourite, we've not tried them with crea mcheese yet but that may be a lunch to try!
Toast - with banana's mainly.

Veggies - Roasted, steamed, mashed or boiled.
Ravioli - Done tinned, am yet to try out that new pasta maker we got for Christmas!
Sandwich - mostly with cheese, not tried cooked meats in a sandwich yet.
Pitta pockets - cheese and carrot / cheese on its own / tomatoes & cheese - does anyone see a pattern here? :P
Yoghurt - Home made (oh yes!) witha fruit puree (home blended, none of this jarred stuff!)
Rice cakes
Blueberry Pancakes

Roast dinner - He's had chicken, beef and lamb so far, all a hit!
Curry - Yes, he tried some meat from my bhuna, some bombay potato and onion bhaji!
Quesadilla - mainly with cheese and veggies
Pasta twirls
- making my own. :D
Jacket potato
Potato wedges
- homemade again.

There must be more but my mind has blank for now!

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