Thursday, January 17, 2008

First proper lunch date.

Today was our first proper organised lunch date. We met a couple of TP's friends at the local childrens play centre (, its a really great place! Its a massive industrial unit and there is a HUGE play area, ball pit, slides, climbing nets that sort of thing and around the outside it has nice sofa's, two seperate soft play areas - one for toddlers and one for babies and then right at the end there is a cafe area, where they make all home-cooked food, and it tastes great! I wouldn't recommend going during the school holidays - we made that mistake once and stood around for 10 minutes before calling it a day and heading off to a nearby cafe but during school hours its really nice for the babies - theres cake for the Mum's too!

Anyway, I took a pack up for TP which consisted of Organix apple rice cakes (he really likes them!), a mini babybel, an apricot, an Organix gingerbread man and a couple of pieces of dried mango for him to suck on. If truth be known, I wasn't really expecting him to eat anything but he scoffed the lot!

So the day out was a resounding success. :D

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