Friday, January 18, 2008


Well I thought we would try polenta, its good for you and something different. I was told to make it then grill it with either cheese or a pasta type sauce so I made it according to the packet and left it to cool and then grilled it on each side until it was golden. It wasn't really grabbing my attention much, it made me think of gruel (not that I actually know what gruel is!) and it was actually quite horrid! Ahwell, TP might like it.

So I whizzed up some tomato, courgette & aubergine sauce and poured it over the polenta and popped it on the tray. He took one taste and pulled the biggest EWW face ever! At least, my boy has some taste!

All was not lost, a quick blend of raspberries added to the yoghurt saved dinner! :D

Tomato, Courgette & Aubergine Sauce


1 large tomato - skinned
1/4 courgette - peeled & sliced
1/4 aubergine - peeled & sliced
1/4 Red Onion - chopped
Olive Oil

Put the oil in the pan and heat
Add garlic, onion & tomato stir frequently until tomato is slightly soft
Add courgette & aubergine and keep stirring
If sauce is very thick you can add a little bit of water.
Once the vegetables are blended together, take off the heat and serve.

I blended the sauce so it was nice and smooth to go over the polenta but it would be really nice left chunky over pasta or gnocchi.

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