Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First foods

TP's first foods were fruit and veg! The very first thing he had was banana, he loved it although it was very slippery so I improvised and chopped the end off a peeled banana and cut the skin down so that he had his very own mini 'nana! Since then we've given him all kinds of fruit and veg, a few of his favourites are...

Apricots - he ADORES apricots, they are his absolute favourite fruit.
Raspberries - Not so sure about them on their own but loves them blended into yoghurt.
Banana - Another firm favourite although I've found its easier if I use the crinkle cutter to chip bits off for him - he can get a much better grip.
Mango - Again, the crinkle cutter comes in VERY handy with mango!
Apple - You cant eat an apple without TP begging for a bit, at first I was worried about the choking thing and would stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so but I feel confident that he can manage a small bit with supervision.
Pears - ANother favourite, I've just started to give him a whole pear to hold himself, I just peel half of the pear so that he can hold onto the skin side.
Blueberries - He cant quite manage these without me splitting them, he's not mastered his pincer grip yet but loves them blended into yoghurt.
Butternut Squash - Cut into crinkle chips and roasted with garlic.
Parsnips - Cut into chips and roasted (sometimes with ginger!).
Sweet Potato - Again, cut into chips and roasted, sometimes with garlic.
Cabbage - Oddly, he really liked cabbage!
Swede - I mash the swede and he grabs handfuls and shoves them into his mouth lol!

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