Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mummy must try harder!

I must make time to post more often! It's been a month to the day since my last post and boy has it been a busy month.

Well, where to start?

Crawling & standing up!
TP has been crawling (forwards!) now for about 3 weeks and no sooner had that started then we had the pulling himself up on absolutely everything. Sleep has never been TP's strong point but its even worse now as everytime he wakes up, he automatically stands up and then wonders how the heck he got there and more importantly how the heck does he get down again?? Touch wood, it seems to be easing off a bit and we can get back to our attempts of getting him to self-soothe again. Tonight, for instance is the first night towards no booby-feeds between bedtime feed and dreamfeed, he's woke up twice and so far so good he eventually went off the 2nd time in his cot by himself. :D

Every Friday we go swimming and have done since TP was around 8 weeks old with a company called Merbabies and we really look forward to it every week, well Mummy does anyway! They teach confidence in the water and TP gets dunked on a regular basis and really doesn't mind at all, he will also hang onto the bar along the edge quite happily all by himself and he even tries to push himself up onto the ledge - oh did I mention he jumps in from the ledge too? On 1st April we took part in am underwater photoshoot which Mummy was very excited for when we got there we sang our normal intro songs (so the babies felt comfortable and familiar) and then we had to hand them over to trained divers who lowered them into the water for their first images, it was at this point that TP burst into tears and didn't stop for the whole shoot! So after a very upsetting shoot, we waited anxiously for the photos. I'm not sure if I had high expectations or what but I was quite dissapointed with the results (I have the watermarked thumbnails but not sure if its ok to show them here, so wont just to be on the safe side!) for a number of reasons. Anyway, if I decide to buy any of the images and post them, the more I look at them the more they grow on me. :)

Its taken 10 months but we finally got our bums along to one of the local playgroups today and it was fantastic. TP showed off his new found crawling and standing skills and even shared a kiss and a hug with a little girl he met, he was taken aback by the hug but smiled and giggled at the kiss! TP was a gem, he even shared his toys after the initial glee of lots of new toys - he had to pick up each every toy.

7 month check (at 10 months!)
Last week we took TP along for his rather late 7 month check. Everything was fine apart from his uneven leg crease where his leg meets his bum (basically one bum cheek is saggier than the other) so we were told he had to be seen by his GP. We went there today and she checked him over, did that awful hip check where they push his little legs right up under his hip and said he needs an ultrasound scan at the hospital. We're not overly worried as he's very active on his legs, can 'froggy' without pain and theres no family history of hip problems - these, according to the Dr are all positives but she wants to be sure, hence the ultrasound.

Words & general babbling
TP has been babbling for a while and saying the usual Mama & Dada and Hiya, however we managed to teach him to say dog and everything is 'dog' now! You ask him where the cat or dog is and he looks right at them, its amazing (at least I think so!). TP also sings his favourite tv theme tune (which Booba & Booby from Baby TV), its very cute indeed, you start the La la 'ing and he joins in!

On Tuesday the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, so we organised a quick impromptu trip to the park with TP's best buddy. It was their first joint park visit and we all had so much fun! We had a picnic lunch of chicken baguette and fresh fruit and then played on the swings, slide and a motorbike on a big spring. :D

I can't upload all of the photos to here but you can see them here.

I told you we'd been busy this month!


Monstermum said...

Its certainly been a busy month for TP! Love the photos. He looks like he really enjoyed the swing. Discovering swings is probably Monster's biggest discovery so far!!

Tigerpiddler said...

He had so much fun on the swings, we went again today and he kept kicking to make himself go faster. Its so nice to see them having fun!