Friday, April 25, 2008

Nursery - Taster Session #1

Yesterday saw the first of TP's two taster sessions at nursery before going for the whole day on 1st May.

We got there at 9.30am and he sat down and played with toys but didn't leave my side and kept one eye on Mummy at all times!! After about half an hour, his key worker picked him up to put him in these little highchairs they have so that he could have a snack and then the crying began. So I went over to him and tried to calm him down, no luck he just sobbed. The key worker picked him up took him over to the window but he wouldn't settle so she gave him back to me to try and calm him a bit. After 20 minutes he had calmed down and I decided to leave because he was going to get upset when I left no matter how long I stayed, so I kissed him goodbye and waved and left. I could hear him screaming from outside, it was very distressing and I hated leaving him but I know he will get used to them all eventually.

I called at 11am to check that he was ok and he was in the garden playing, so that was nice and at 12.30pm I toddled back down there to pick him up. TP was having a nap but woke up when he heard my voice and reached for me and sobbed, poor little man. He had enjoyed playing in the garden apparently but hadn't eaten any dinner (which I expected) and despite me telling them about BLW and that TP feeds himself, they had even tried to feed him something and he was having none of it - that's my boy! :D

Lets hope Monday is a little better!

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