Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catch up!

It's been ages since I posted anything so here's a quick catch up.

TP's Nanna & Grandad came to visit last week from Sunderland who he hadn't seen since September and my oh my did he make up for it! He was showing them every trick he could do and kept pulling a face I had never seen before, it was so funny like a little showing off face as if to say, "Look what I can do Nanna!" and fluttering his eyelashes at them. Anyway, it was a lovely week and we won't see them again until June for TP's birthday so we'll miss them alot, but kind of scary that the next time we will see them TP will be 1!! Where has the time gone?

Food has been a litte off the menu these past couple of weeks due to teething I think, well brekkie & lunch have been off but TP's seems to be favouring dinner at the moment! Nanna & Grandad were VERY impressed with TP's eating skills and he joined us a couple of times when we ate out last week but only to nibble on a cheese panini or half a chip (ooOO naughty Mummy!!).

We're still not crawling forwards but the safety gates have been installed due to TP's great skill of speed rolling, if it were an olympic event he would win gold that I have no doubt! So with the new rolling skill and the fact we have a HUGE tv unit with all kinds of consoles and tv equipment in it we've put up a Babydan barrier to prevent little fingers pushing buttons. Everytime you turn around, he seemed to be at the tv unit so now its all locked away - for how long I'm not so sure!

TP turned 9 months yesterday and I think he must be having a growth spurt or something, he fed almost every hour last night so needless to say ended up in bed with us, saying that he seems to always end up in bed with us lately (lazy Mummy!!) but at least we both get some sleep that way, even if he does hog the bed!

Well, TP's having a lovely nap now so I'm off to catch up on the housework and ironing and all that really exciting stuff that we only get to do during nap times!

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