Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday TP!

Well today is TP's 8 month birthday, where has the time gone? We've not had much of a food week since his bout of teething but last night his sleep was MUCH better and he only woke twice in the night so Mummy had lots of sleep!

TP doesn't crawl yet, he shows no signs of being interested either if you put him on his front he rolls straight over onto his back! He would much rather sit up and play or stand on his legs, which is ok by me, I see my friends struggle trying to keep an eye on their little one's who are crawling EVERYWHERE! Stay sitting as long as you want to my boy, thats what I say. :D

TP just babbles endlessly, he loves to scream and is always laughing, he is such a joy, although I guess I am biased! :P He can say dada, calls our dog A (her name is Angel and he ALWAYS says A when she is close by, probably coincidence but hey!) but very rarely says mama, usually only if he's crying and having a tantrum, oh yes, he has those too but generally only at night!

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